Barren County High School opens store to help students in need

Shirts, pants, and socks…all items most of us take for granted, but some are not as fortunate.

Barren County High School has a new resource to help students in need.

Barren County High School is home to a brand new store, a store that helps students in need.

Trojans helping Trojans…

The Trojan Quick Stop is a classroom that has been transformed into a store for students in need.

“All kinds of clothing, food, school supplies and other things in an environment where kids feel free to come and safe to come. Our students can come here and if we don’t have it we will find a way to get it.” says Brad Johnson, the principal of Barren County High School. 

The store is stocked with clothing, shoes, hygiene products, and food.

Everything inside the store was donated by students or community members.

These donations have already helped dozens of students at the school.

“Well since the beginning of this year I have kept a log. Students know that when they come in here they have to put their name and what item they got and the date. With that I am up to 20 pages since the beginning of the year.” says Ashley Moore, the Assistant Coordinator of Youth Services at Barren County High School.

Taylor Hensley is just one of the many students who take pride in helping her fellow classmates.

“It makes you feel good that you are helping people and giving them better situations and a better outcome.” says Hensley.

Those in need are not the only ones benefiting from this new resource, special education students gain valuable life skills while helping keep the store organized.

“Well I think it gives our kids a sense of responsibility. Tayshawn and Hunter are two of the kids from our classroom that come over here to work. It teaches them life skills that they are going to use in everyday life.” says Melonie Deweese, a Special Education instructor. 

If you want to make a donation to the Trojan Quick Stop you can contact Barren County High School.