Another Retailer Bans Gun Sales

Another retailer is responding in the wake of the Florida school massacre, banning gun sales to customers under the 21 . The move comes as President Trump breaks with the NRA and fellow republicans on gun control and Florida Governor Rick Scott touts his plan to keep students safe this morning.

Florida Governor Rick Scott highlighted his $500,000 plan Thursday morning to improve school safety and mental health.

There was a large police presence Wednesday when students at Stoneman Douglas High School returned to class for the first time since the deadly shooting. Meadow Pollack was killed in the rampage. Her father watched the students come back.

Kroger is the latest retailer to say it is raising the minimum age to 21 to purchase firearms and ammunition from its Fred Meyer locations. The company joins Dick’s and Walmart who announced similar moves Wednesday.

President Trump is publically demanding stricter gun control.  At a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers Wednesday the President surprised many with his comments, saying he would even support bypassing due process to take guns away from the mentally ill.