Ambulance driver from Portsmouth, KY facing criticism after racist social media post

An ambulance driver in Portsmouth is facing heavy criticism after he made a racist post on Facebook about a gas station and restaurant owner in Ashland. 

In his post, he called the family Al-Qaeda members. 

The owner tells local media, since owning a Shell station in Ashland he’s come across a lot of hate simply for his ethnicity. 

But on Monday, the hate from one customer, who took his thoughts to Facebook, reached a whole new level, stating "I am ashamed that I probably just funded Al-Qaeda in order to have a meal." 

The post was allegedly made by an off-duty employee of the Portsmouth emergency ambulance service who was trying the gas station’s restaurant for the first time. 

Local media says they spoke to the ambulance service employer and were told the man has not been suspended, but an internal investigation has been launched.  

As for the owner, he says he’s going to brush this painful attack off his shoulder like the rest of them and focus on love instead of the hate.