After Random Shootings People Are Choosing To Protect Themselves

Random shootings and acts of violence seem to be so common in our country. Many people are looking for more ways they can protect themselves and their families. WNKY News’ Cecilia Herrell stopped by a local gun store to learn more about how people are choosing to protect themselves. 

Inside this gun store you see many forms of self defense, but the most common is a firearm. 

If you want to carry a concealed firearm for your personal protection you must be 21 or over and take a concealed carry permit class, so you know how to correctly defend yourself.

Jerry Corbitt is a retired police officer and teaches a concealed carry permit class. He sees a variety of men and women of all ages in his classes. 

Researchers say there is about 270-million civilian firearms in America. Every year an estimated 200-thousand women use a gun to defend themselves against sexual abuse and 3 out of 5 felons say they will not mess with an armed victim.

If a firearm is too extreme for you, there are other options, like a taser or pepper spray.

Rather you choose a firearm or a non lethal weapon, it’s important that you know how to properly use it.