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SKYCTC class adopts fox at 'Wild 4 Life' rescue

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A little fox who calls 'Wild 4 Life” rescue, in Bowling Green, his home.

But before was rescued, this fox had a rough life.

“He was in a small 4x6 cage, it was filthy. He actually had a brother. The guy had been out trapping and caught them in a live leg trap, both of their legs were broken. He actually amputated the brothers leg, but he eventually died. Pathfinder’s leg healed, but not correctly so he will never be releasable.” says Lori Dawson, the owner and rehabilitator at Wild 4 Life. 

Lori Dawson is the licensed wildlife rehabilitator who runs the non-profit rescue. For the past three years she has been rehabilitating and releasing hundreds of animals just like this fox.

“When he was brought to me, he was so filthy he was not the right color. He had only been fed Alpo dog food. So after I got him, got him cleaned up and he started eating the correct foods, he just became a beautiful fox.” adds Dawson. 

Recently, Bertena Varney’s class at SKYCTC found out about 'Wild 4 Life'. The class adopted the Fox and officially named him "Pathfinder", after their very own mascot.

“When we were talking about adopting, she said we could adopt and name the fox. We get to bring supplies out and help the fox. One of the students suggested “Pathfinder” since that’s the name of our mascot. We all loved it.” says Varney.

With the help and financial support of the Varney’s class, Lori hopes to provide a better life for Pathfinder since he is unable to be released.

“My goal is to try to build a larger enclosure for him, where he can have more room to run and jump and play and build up more muscle. Hopefully if we raise those funds I will be able to keep him.” says Dawson. 

Lori hopes Pathfinder’s story encourages others to donate or sponsor an animal at 'Wild 4 Life'.

“It is very rewarding when you get to open that door and see them run away.” 

Visit Wild 4 Life's website:

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