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Meet the Witts

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Every once in awhile, a younger sibling will follow their older brother or sister to the same school - even if it might be to the dismay of said elder sibling. Normally, though, the reason they end up at the same college or university isn't because both siblings are NCAA Division 1 athletes. But that's the case for Baillee and Tyler Witt at Western Kentucky. 

Bailee is entering her freshman year on the Hill, learning the ropes as a goalkeeper for the WKU Women's Soccer team as she competes for the starting job heading into the 2018 season. Tyler, on the other hand, is a redshirt sophomore offensive lineman on the WKU Football team. When Tyler found out his sister was going to be playing collegiately at Western, though, he didn't react in a way you might expect. 

"He was really excited actually," said his younger sister Bailee. "It definitely was not the reaction I was expecting. I was kind of expecting him to be like, 'Really, my little sister is following me to college too?' But it was actually super heart-warming that he wanted me here. He was super excited."

While the duo are like most siblings, with two years of age separating them, they like to think of each other as the other's biggest fan and supporter - outside of their own parents, of course. 

"We were always really supportive of each other," Tyler said. "We used to train a lot together at different sports performance places."

"Me and my brother are super close," Bailee added. "We've been really close since high school. He's like my best friend, so it was super cool being able to come to the same school as him."

Football and soccer are essentially exact opposites in the sports world. Despite that, Tyler and Bailee grew up doing what they could with the limited knowledge of their sibling's sport to help push each other to be the best athlete they could be. 

"I could use some of my knowledge," said Tyler. "Soccer and football are completely different sports, but as far as rehabbing and taking care of your body - I knew a lot more."

With the pair now attending the school in the same city again, it'll make it that much easier for their parents and each other to support them at their games - when time allows, that is.

"Our biggest thing for my family is support,' said Bailee. "Big family person, so just supporting my family is the biggest thing. I think [Tyler] is going to come out to a game on Sunday, actually. It's just about timing, really."

So if both players are D-1 athletes in their respective sports, who's the better player/athlete overall?

"I don't think either one of us is a better athlete," Bailee said. "I think he's very determined and he works very hard which is something I look up to him for. I don't know what he looks up to me for but I'm sure he does too."

Next time you're at a WKU soccer or football game, look up into the crowd. There might just be a Witt watching down, smiling as they watch their favorite sibling play the game they love. 

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