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Hot temperatures put children & pets at risk

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With summer heating up, temperatures are soaring and it puts the life of children and pets at risk. 

The hot temperatures have already taken the lives of over a half dozen children left in cars this year already.

In a recent study, researchers at Arizona State and the University of California San Diego found that parking in the shade can be just as deadly.

Leaving your child in the car can have serious consequences.

"It is a type of assault and it doesn't have to be intentional, it can be what we call a Wanton situation where you don't mean to injure someone or cause death to someone, but if that happens out of your neglect, then obviously there is a felony charge to be looked at." says Trooper Jeremy Hodges with the Kentucky State Police.

In the sun, when the outside temperature is over one hundred degrees, the thermometer inside hits an average of 116 degrees... 

And the dash board averaged 157 degrees. That's hot enough to cause third degree burns if someone was to touch it.

All within just 60 minutes. 

Don't be fooled, parking in the shade still turns your vehicle into an oven. It just takes a little longer.

These temperatures can be deadly to children, but also pets. 

"Dogs are going to get overheated quickly, if they are in the sun or in an area they can't cool themselves down. Things to look for if you're concerned your dog is overheating, of course dogs are going to pant. That's not always a bad thing. That is how they cool themselves down. If you notice it is very rapid and a lot of excessive drooling that's a sign and if their gums turn really really red that's also a sign of overheating." says Shelley Williams, the manager at Dogs Day Out.

Next time you get out of the car, be sure you also take your children and pets with you. 

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