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Candidates gather to discuss animal protection laws, KY ranks worst in the nation

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Over two dozen Kentucky citizens and candidates gathered at the Bob Kirby Branch of the Warren County Library tonight to discuss and be informed on animal welfare laws in the state.

Tracy Moser, Speaker for the Kentucky Animal Welfare Association told us before giving a presentation on the current laws, “you’d be surprised on how many [politicians] open their mouths and say, “I did not know.””

Tonight, the KAWA hopes to change that.

“The sooner that we educate both the decision makers and the voters,” Moser says, “then we can start having some conversations that will start problems solving our issues.”

According to the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Kentucky has been ranked worst state in the nation for animal protection laws for eleven consecutive years.

“There’s two things that you can do when there’s a problem. You can shake your head and say “somebody should do something about that” or you can do something about it,” Moser says, and doing something about it is exactly what she did— “Two bills that we desperately needed were ignored in Frankfort and that made me angry. Why did you not pass or why did you not even bring it to a vote making it against the law to have sex with animals? I started talking about it and I didn’t find anybody that could have a conversation with me about it.”

According to Moser and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, that’s just one of the issues landing Kentucky as worst in the nation for animal protection laws.

“One of the problems is that there are very few animal crimes that are actually felonies and even those are only applied to certain species,” Kathleen Wood, the Criminal Defense Program Fellow with the Animal Legal Defense Fund says, “another issue is that Kentucky is actually the only state where veterinarians are prohibited from reporting suspected animal cruelty.”

For the love of animals—tonight, dozens are gathering to become more informed and elect change.

“The stories I could tell you would just make you want to vomit,” Moser says, “to know that these things are happening in Kentucky and nobody is doing anything about it.”

If you would like to learn more about the animal protection laws in our state click here.

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