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Counterfeit Money in South Central Kentucky

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In the last few weeks, WNKY has told you about multiple reports of counterfeit money in South Central Kentucky. This story will have you looking in your wallet.

Can you spot the difference? Counterfeit cash is no stranger to South Central Kentucky, but advanced technology is making it difficult to spot the fake bills. 

"I think it's popular allover the United States now a little bit more. Just because of the easy high quality printers and access to computers at home. The scanning abilities, they can scan them at such a high quality now. The laser printers and ink jet printers produce such a quality bill now. They are getting harder to tell which is fake now and which is real." says Brett Kreilein, a detective with the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

Next time you receive cash you may want to give it a second look. The most common counterfeit bills are $20's and $100's.

"Sometimes they will take a $5 bill and bleach it and print on top of that and make it a $20 or $100 so it'll have the strip in it but if you look really closely in the light you'll see they say $5 or $10 and it'll be a $100 print." adds Detective Kreilein.

The United States government tried to stay a step ahead with security features. Some ways you can spot the counterfeit cash is the feel of the paper, the hologram of the face inside the bill when you put it in the light and the security strip inside. 

Counterfeit bills can affect everyone including small business.

Employees at one jewelry store in Downtown Bowling Green are always cautious.

"We always want to know our customers of course when they are paying with a large amount of cash. It's always something we are cautious and aware of. We do have the counterfeit markers and we are all trained on knowing what they look like, the different faces, and strips, and different things like that." says Jennifer Courtney, the office manager at a Bowling Green jewelry store.

If you think you may have been passed a fake bill, you can call your local police department.

Unfortunately, if it is a counterfeit bill, you can't get reimbursed. 

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