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Dyno Testing Shop Upsets Neighbors in Horse Cave

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A dyno machine measures the horsepower and torque a car puts out, but neighbors say the dyno machine testing shop in the city of Horse Cave is a disruption to the neighborhood. 

"We're here to do business. We do this to feed our families. This is a passion that we have. We're upset that people are upset aboutt it, but we are doing everything we can. We just hope it can be resolved so we don't have to pack our bags." says Matt Rogers, the owner of MCR Tuning.

MCR Tuning opened in October of 2017 and just a month later the neighbors started to complain about the noise from the shop.

"It's impeding on the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood as I said. It interrupts my day. If I want to sit out here and take a nap, I can't take a nap." says Dennis McCubbins, a nearby neighbor. 

Dennis McCubbins is just one neighbor, but he says there is a petition with two pages of names of people who want something to be done abou the noise coming from the shop.

Matt Rogers, the shop's owner, says he is trying to prevent noise as much as he can. 

"We're upset about the situation and we've done some things to try to rectify it. We built a dyno room around the dyno that is lined with multiple thousands of dollars of insulation and acoustic tiling. We actually purchased a decibel meter so we can monitor how many decibels we put out. Just to keep  that in mind, if it gets too rowdy, we try to cut down on how many pulls we do with the car." says Rogers. 

The Horse Cave City Clerk, Ken Russell, has been notified of the complaints, but says he doesn't know if they are breaking any laws. 

"We have a noise ordinance in Horse Cave. We have been notified by residents that believe that they are. However being a misdemeanor, it is necessary that I or an enforcement officer actually be there to hear it." says Ken Russell, the Horse Cave City Clerk.

The noise ordinance in Horse Cave does not have any type of decibel level requirement. Matt Rogers, the owner of MCR Tuning, says his business is much quieter than the train that comes through the town multiple times a day. 

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