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Living Well: What Foods Should You Refrigerate?

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When we buy fresh food, we typically do everything we can to keep our groceries fresh. 

For many, that means putting food in the fridge, but some dietitians say not everything is meant to be chilled. They say some foods are best kept outside fridge. 

According to dietitian Lisa Martin, "When you put those into the refrigerator, it changes the composition of the carbohydrate that's in there and they don't taste as good when you cook them."

Pay attention to fruits and veggies, and when they should and should not be chilled. Top culprits are onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and garlic.

Lisa says, "There's a lot of fruits and vegetables that, as long as they are whole, and they are freshly harvested, or you've picked them up at the grocery store, shouldn't be refrigerated because they may need more time to ripen and the refrigeration may damage the quality of the foods. With fruits and vegetables however, if you've prepared a salad or whatever, once they've been washed and cut they do need to go into the refrigerator for food safety."

She warns, "Bread is another example. You can put it in the refrigerator to stop the mold, but then it goes stale. Honey you don't want to put in, because it will cause it to crystallize faster."

Lisa add, “A good rule of thumb is, if they're stored on the shelves at the store, they are typically shelf safe at home.”

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