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SoKY Reacts to Latest on North Korea

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Bowling Green, KY -

North Korea is vowing a quote "thousand-fold" revenge against the u-s for what they call "Villainous" billion-dollar "Sanctions" drafted by the u-s and passed unanimously by the u-n over the weekend against Kim Jong Un--warning its a "mistake" for Americans to think they're safe.

This follows North Korea's shocking missile test just over a week ago--reportedly having the ability to reach Chicago, and what U.S. officials call "unusual and unprecedented" submarine activity with hopes to develop sea-launched missiles.

WNKY's Alissa Kendrick spoke with locals who shared the same concerns, but not all felt the the same level of safety here.

Steve Johnson of Bowling Green says, "we can't just keep letting them have a free reign, I mean, who knows what they'll do next. I mean--scares me," while Scarlet Losavio has faith everything will work itself out, saying, "anytime someone talks about revenge, it's a concern, but I do believe everything is in God's hands, so I have a lot of peace in knowing he's going to take care of whoever, wherever." Bailey Vandiver of Bowling Green says she believes the sanctions were justified, although "it's concerning because there's no guarantee that they're not going to go through with that [threat]," and Paul Kinzrey mimics the same justification, but believes North Korea will still disregard them, stating, "I'm concerned about their missiles and what they're doing, but the sanctions don't seem to have worked in the past and I don't feel that they're probably going to work now."

While North Korea's threat was concerning to all the locals Alissa spoke to, they say the most alarming thing is just how close these missile launches could reportedly get to American soil.

Johnson says, "if they can reach Chicago, they can probably reach here too, but anywhere in the U.S. causes me great concern--that's scary!" Kinzrey says it's worrisome, but he's confident our country is ready for attack--" I don't think the United States has been sitting back watching it. I think they're prepared with some way to counteract the missiles if they come in," and Vandiver is confident as well, but says "it definitely is concerning if they're weapons are getting more powerful."

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