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Workers Beat the Heat with Daily Routines

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If you think of the seemingly worst jobs to have in the summer time, construction might top your list, but their tips to beat the heat might just make your summer a little bit cooler.

Ronnie Cleary, Warehouse Manager and twenty-year veteran at Stewart-Richey Service Group, says the key to beating the heat is being prepared by planning your day.

They schedule the most strenuous outdoor activity in the early morning hours when the temperatures are lower, take breaks as needed in the shade, have cooling towels available, and most of all stay hydrated—steering clear of soda, energy drinks, and even alcohol the night before.

Cleary warns, “we’ve got ice water coolers on every truck. We provide Gatorade, electrolyte tablets, just stuff to replenish the bodies needs as the day progresses, and we have cooling towels the guys can wrap around their necks as they’re working. It just kind of helps keep the bodies core temperature down. Listening to your body is probably the main thing. You’ll know, if you’re getting too hot, don’t risk it—it’s not worth it.”

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