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Local Politicians Weigh-in on New Abortion Legislation

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Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) - Two abortion laws have been signed into effect by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and despite their party affiliations, two local house members voted yes to the legislation. District 20 Representative Jody Richards, a Democrat, voted yes to House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 5, legislation that requires a woman to have an ultra sound before an abortion and makes an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy illegal, unless it's deemed a medical emergency. District 17 Representative Jim DeCesare, a Republican, also voted yes to House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 5. Representative DeCesare tells us these laws are a good thing for the people of Kentucky.

"We're not going to have a bunch of unnecessary abortions and really I understand it's a touchy subject because of the woman's right to choose and I get that, but as I look at it we are talking about a human life that has no decision making in the process, so there has to be a voice for the voice-less so to speak and that's what this bill is all about," said Representative DeCesare.

These two bills passed with large numbers in favor, including support from the state's Democratic Party, but it's still causing turmoil. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear says he will defend legislation requiring ultra sounds before abortions, but he will not defend the 20 week abortion ban. 

In a statement released to the media General Beshear states, "as Attorney General it is my duty to enforce the Constitution." 

He continued by saying, "this law is clearly unconstitutional based on our review of numerous federal appellate rulings, which state that identical statutes in other jurisdictions are illegal under numerous Supreme Court decisions. While these decisions may not please advocates on either side, my duty is to the law.” 

Representative DeCesare countered by saying, "I don't think he should be able to pick and choose which ones he's going to defend based on his personal belief. He was elected to be the Attorney General for Kentucky and to defend our statutes and laws that were passed by the General Assembly and the Kentucky Constitution so once again I think he's letting his personal political beliefs get in the way of what his job is supposed to be."

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