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Four Inmates Escape in Six Months in Warren County but Security Measures Stay the Same

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Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) - Anthony Embry on March 7th. Bates Cole on March 7th. Claudie Pedigo on June 10th and the most recent one still on the loose, Darryl Taylor on September 2nd. These four inmates walked away while on work detail from the Warren County Jail, but even with this recent string of escapes jail workers are still not concerned.

"They are minimum security inmates," says Warren County Jailer Jackie Strode.

Warren County Jailer Jackie Strode says they follow security guidelines. It's one deputy jailer or supervisor to every group of four to ten inmates. He says
enhancing security measures by using chains to bind the inmates together defeats the purpose of the program.

"I don't think there is anything you could do that would make it more secure unless you do what you brought up earlier handcuff them one and one to a deputy and that's not the purpose of the program. The purpose is to help these folks be ready to go back into society and you do that by teaching them a trade," says Strode. 

Strode says systems like that work well in large cities where they let all sorts of inmates out for work detail, but here in Kentucky you have to meet the no
risk standards.

"Non-violent, non-assaultive, non-sexual. Anybody who meets any of those three criteria would not be on the program. They'd never be allowed on the program," says Strode.

And if you escape once, you won't get a second chance, but you will get to serve more time.

"They will be charged with escape. That case will go to court or they could plead and they could get anywhere from 1 to 5 years, but their classification level will automatically go to a 4 or 5 and they will never be allowed to be outside on the program again," says Strode.

The program helps keep city parks and roads clean, benefits local non-profits, like the Humane Society, and saves the city a lot of money.

"Think about the savings of our tax dollars that we're able to do by using this work program. It's well over a million dollars each year," says Strode.

While it may seem disconcerting that inmates are easily walking away, Strode says the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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