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Glasgow Highland Games Set to Begin Friday

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Glasgow, KY (WNKY-TV) - It's a tradition that's been in Glasgow, Kentucky for more than 30 years; the Glasgow Highland Games.

"It started with a lot of the city leaders in Glasgow. Of course they were interested in exploring this opportunity because the name of Glasgow, Kentucky came from Glasgow, Scotland where some of the settlers immigrated from. So many Scots and Irish immigrants settled this area that the heritage is rooted very deeply," according to Gene Shy the Director of Operations for the Glasgow Highland Games.

It's grown and evolved a great deal over the years.

"The first few years you don't have the nice level wide field that we have right now; we had a rocky kind of rolling grassy field," says Shy. 

Fast forward to today. The Highland Games set for this weekend are packed with food, vendors and of course music.

"Every event has music pretty much, but our music is very Scottish and Celtic oriented," says Shy.

The event is also a family affair. 

"We'll do a lot of children's games; we have a storyteller coming for children. We try to offer something for everyone in the family," says Shy.

Most of the games are set up for amateurs, but there a number of events for professionals, so while the pros have their events, even the public can take a swing at some of the more advanced games.

"We do have some amateur athletics that people can sign up for. They can get some training and do some things that they are capable of doing; the battle ax is open to the public both Saturday and Sunday," says Shy. 

In this day and age throwing cabers are for fun and games, but in olden times, it served a more of a purpose.

"It was used to ford a stream or something so that those soldiers could pass much easier," says Shy.

These work-turned-sporting games have also yielded a few new world records.

"We've broken several world records in Scottish professional athletics and Glasgow has kind of become known on the international circuit as a good place to get some points and some high scores with the different events," says Shy.

And this world-renowned fame is good for Glasgow's economy.

"This really gives a good tourism bump to the area because many people come back, not just for the games but they'll come back and do a family visit," says Shy.

Workers say this year they expect thousands of people from all over the world to attend the games.

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