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Opportunity for Crime Increases in Warmer Weather

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Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) While crime numbers don't drastically increase during the summer months, there are more opportune moments for criminals to commit thefts. Police from both Glasgow and Bowling Green say they receive more calls for crime like robberies and burglaries in warmer months, while crime like domestic assault tends to be higher in winter. Police say it's easy for people in the summer to leave windows and garage doors open as well as leaving car windows down and unlocked. This gives people an easier chance to break in and steal your belongings. Authorities say they don't increase staff or do extra training in the summer to prepare, but they do patrol areas, like parks, where people tend to gather in the summer. They say using common sense, like keeping valuables locked up and making sure your windows and doors are closed and locked even when your
home, will help keep your property safe.

Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police Department: "We just want people to remember to lock their doors and windows even if they're at their house working in the back, close your garage doors so we don't tempt those people who may want to take your stuff." 

Tony Morgan, Glasgow Police Department: "Again just windows and doors locked when you're not there, I know a lot of people like to keep their windows down when there's a nice breeze, but just realize that opportunity is there for again for them to gain easy access to your house."

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